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The First Draft Don’t Matter

It use to take me years to write my first novel, but after a few failed attemps at getting published I realised that the hardest part of writing, comes after you’ve finished that novel.

It was freeing to know this piece of information, and I’ll tell you why. It forced me to stop putting so much attention on that first draft. It gave me the permission to be indifferent, and to not think about every single word before I put it down. Now, some of you may think this will just make the writing worse, because it won’t be high quality work. But in fact, the opposite has occurrred. The less I worry about the words I’m putting down, the more likely I am to hit that “flow” state, where the words are coming out naturally and without effort.

The greatest frame of minds, I believe, to have when attempting creative work is freedom of outcome, and intent. With these two frame of minds you have the disicpline to sit down and pump out the amount of words you have decided you need to write, but your also unattached to the outcome, thus, creative flow is easier to obtain.

I have had a really productive week taking on these two mind sets. Writing 5,000 words has never been so easy, and when I go back to edit it, yes, it may be a lot more rusty then my first drafts are usually, but after a few polishes, there just as good, if not better.

Get writing!