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The First Draft Don’t Matter

It use to take me years to write my first novel, but after a few failed attemps at getting published I realised that the hardest part of writing, comes after you’ve finished that novel.

It was freeing to know this piece of information, and I’ll tell you why. It forced me to stop putting so much attention on that first draft. It gave me the permission to be indifferent, and to not think about every single word before I put it down. Now, some of you may think this will just make the writing worse, because it won’t be high quality work. But in fact, the opposite has occurrred. The less I worry about the words I’m putting down, the more likely I am to hit that “flow” state, where the words are coming out naturally and without effort.

The greatest frame of minds, I believe, to have when attempting creative work is freedom of outcome, and intent. With these two frame of minds you have the disicpline to sit down and pump out the amount of words you have decided you need to write, but your also unattached to the outcome, thus, creative flow is easier to obtain.

I have had a really productive week taking on these two mind sets. Writing 5,000 words has never been so easy, and when I go back to edit it, yes, it may be a lot more rusty then my first drafts are usually, but after a few polishes, there just as good, if not better.

Get writing!


Why Being A Good Writer Is Dangerous

Any creative venture is a pardadox. On one hand you have to believe in yourself enough to keep on going (have the confidence to know that the journey is worth it), but you also have to know how to handle criticism and always be in a continuous state of learning.

Being critisized is part of the game. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone who thinks your work sucks. I perviously went through a situation like this. My first few tratings were 5 out 5, and people were praising my work. I was on top of the world, I was thinking, Yeah, people are finally starting to see I’m a good writer. But the next morning, the reviews were suddenly average, and for the same piece of work!

Arrogance, and identifying with the “I’m a good writer” identity, can be the death of creativity. Creativity doesn’t need an identity to express its self, if anything, it needs unconsciousness, a void of self to flow out authentically.

Good works come and go, and if we identify ourselves as good writers then our emotions will be up and down. Some my say that this is good for writing, that the turmoil of emotions are but sparks before the birth of flames of authentic expression. But in reality, we’re just writers here, and if we aren’t happy in our lives then whats the point really?

Just go with the identity, “I’m a writer” “I’m an artist”, and any piece of work that is good, hasn’t happened because of me, its happened “through me”. I was in the right state of mind, and it poured out of me. If it’s bad, its also not me, i was simply not in the right frame of mind.

But that’s not to say you failures and successes aren’t of your own chosing. I believe with constant learning, and practise, these “on” days become more common then those “off” days. Constant learning and practise simply tune our mind into the creativity more often, and the more we tune in, the more likely we are to tune in next time.

So in conclusion, we’re not good writers, we’re simply writers, and all the rest is up for debate.

hope this helps