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My Blogs Focus

I have been working on what I want to focus on for this blog, and I think I know what I want it to be.

I want to focus on the philsophy of writing it self, how the art expresses words, and how one can learn a science of writing that well better their art and their life.

I want to place writing in the context of human life. Then, I want to express my experiences with it, and how I’m “coping” with the writing world. Yeah, let’s do that.


The Creative Zone

After I open up Microsoft Word, and place my fingertips on a keyboard. A stream of nervousness flows through my veins, but why? There’s no one there to see my work, and no possible way I can fail, yet, there it is, staring up at me.

Have you had this experience? For some reason, as writers, we feel that we can’t put anything down on the screen unless its perfect, unless a stream of inspiration flows through us and expresses its self as if automatic. But in reality, this isn’t isn’t the case. Writing, like any form of art, is about crashing and burning as much as it is inspiring and fullfilling. Its a slog fest, full of up’s and downs, and the only way to get through it with a great piece of writing at the end is to give yourself the right to fail.

I go by the rule, “the first draft doesn’t matter”. Get anything out, hell, right down your favourite porno vid, scene by scene, image by image, or for the less sexually inclinded, write down your shopping list and call it the next art of war. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get your fingers moving.

I like to think of it the same way I do as picking up women. When you go out and talk to a girl, the first one always sucks, but as you keep approaching and talking, something opens up, and the charm and charisma begins to flow. It’s the same with writing.

My first few sentences are clunky, but as I continue to write with no outcome attached the words begin to flow, and before long, gems are starting to emerge from the dirt. The gems will still be covered in dirt, but dont worry, keep going, and after your done, come back and polish them!

P.S I think I may sign up for the premuim package at scribophile. I have been debating wheather to spend the $80 for the year membership. But today on the way back from Lund (small Swedish town) freezing my ass off, I thought, hell, I spent that much getting drunk and dancing my ass of friday night, why not spend it on what i want to make my LIFE! seems a no brainer in the end.

¬†Anyway, if you’re reading this and aren’t a member of Scribophile I would highly recommend checking it out. You don’t have to pay to be a member, but you are limited to how many pieces you can upload. So if you’re looking at getting a novel critiqued, and you’re serious about your work, I would suggest getting the premuim package.

Anyways peace out world, I got to go help the girlfriend cook some lasagne!