The Magic Of Comma’s

This may be a strange post, but to me, this little realisation has pumped out some little gems of literary prose in the previous days, and I just want to share with you (If this can be conceived and expressed) what that is.

There are so many rules in the literary sphere, and in reality, most of them can be broken; if you’re aware enough to break them.

But it’s funny, the more “rules” you read, and the more you learn the fundamentals, the more rigid, lifeless, your writing can become.

But this isn’t to say this is bad. In fact, its a necessary part of the journey. When we learn that its noun, verb, object, and not the other way around, we learn the use of active vs passive langauge. When we learn not to use run on sentences, we begin to put full stops in the places they need to go. When we read “Elements of Style” (awesome book btw) we learn to use basic, direct, to the point language. All these are great tools, and are a must know for writers, but if you put all these rules together, and obey them religously, you can get some really boring texts.

But the more we learn, the more we structure, according to rules, we can actually lose our narrative voice, that spark that is usually alive in the writing you did when you were younger. This to me is the work that is inspired. When I read my original novel, I can see vivid, descriptive prose. I can see complex characters, engaging in situations that move me. But, I read my work after this, and it seems lifeless, structured, formal, that spark is gone, but god dam, its grammically perfect, and theres no over describing, no flowery prose, just basic, to the point langauge! It’s awesome!

I think the next phase, if when you know the rules, and they are so internalised that you can forget about them, and just let it flow out again like you did back in the disay (not a typo, just being real). When I stopped putting fullstops after every “noun, verb, object” and started expanding with passages, and describing with complex language again, then it beemed with life again. Complex language isn’t a bad thing, hell, Michael Chabon is known for his complex language and has won the Pulitzer Prize! (shoudln’t just be for Americans, but whatever)

I started putting comma’s back in, and extending past the “noun, verb, object” and moved into complex descriptions again. Forgetting the rules, and just going for it awoke my voice again!

In fact, I don’t know of “The Magic of Comma’s” will make sense to anyone, but for some reason, it sum’s it up to me and allowed me to get my voice back, but at the same time, do it with style.

Anyways, I’m in Delhi right now. This place is nuts, but I’m loving the food and cheap booze. But god dam these people can annoy me sometimes, but hey, I guess thats poverty for you!

Peace out lovers


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