I read somewhere, that emotions are the most addictive chemicals known to man, and I think there is a lot of truth in this statement.

Emotions are also very blinding. Under the spell of a strong emotion, we think thoughts and commit actions, that we would never usually think or do otherwise. It’s like being intoxicated with a drug (ever been drunk and knew without a shadow of doubt that sending that text message was the right thing to do? Only to awake the next morning and realise what a complete idiot you were?) I know when I’m under the emotion of anger, I want to lash out in irrational ways that just don’t serve me, in fact, they destroy my integrity. The other week an individual said some things about me, and it sent me into a rage. I just wanted to lash out, tell them how much of a fucking idiot they were, physically assault them, and everytime I think about the event, it sends me back down that track. It even brings up othe thoughts related to issues in the past that also made me angry, which further angers me, and a strange irrational child like cycle begins.

Now, this is of course an issue I have to work out in order to grow as a human being, but I think it also points to how complex a character can be in our writing.

Most characters have a stable pattern, a predictable way of behaving in situations, and a lot of writing teachers recommend this. Saying that a characters behaviours have to be consistent in order for the story to make sense, and this is true, to an extent. Under stong emotions, our characters will do things that “aren’t them”, a good guy will lash out and accidently kill someone, or an evil character may commit an act of kindness. These “circumstances” that challenge the fundamental personality of our characters, and in someways, the most profound to read. Personally I love stories that put good natured people into bad cirumcstances that make them commit acts of evil. To me, it challenges my way of thinking and percieving the world because it makes me ask the question “what would I do in that situation?”

Anyways, thats enough for me today.

Peace outttt


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